Venue of Endless Opportunities

Millions of Visitors, Hundreds of Exhibitions and Events, One Standard

The beginning of Expo Tel Aviv traces back to the 1920s, even before the founding of the State of Israel. The cornerstone ceremony for the permanent Yarid Ha’Mizrach structures took place in 1933, and following the founding of the State of Israel the Expo Tel Aviv was constructed at its current location on Rokach Blvd.
Since then, the company’s Flying Camel logo has been a part of the Expo Tel Aviv’s marketing activities, and is the symbol of center. This version of the camel, a symbol of the mellow-paced East, is able to spread its wings using the power of imagination, and soar to new heights. It thus expresses the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, perseverance and vision that has continued to sweep through Expo Tel Aviv over the years to make it the cultural and business venue of choice in Israel.
The convention center is located within the city of Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural and commercial hub, with stretches of grassy lawns and well-maintained gardens, which together create a magical corner of nature at the heart of the metropolis.
In order to ensure a satisfactory experience for all of our clients and visitors to the Convention Center, we are committed to quality and efficient customer service at any time and during all stages, and professional conduct of the highest standard.
Expo Tel Aviv is extremely active in making the venue more accessible to the disabled, and has even been awarded the Israeli Accessibility Badge in recognition of its efforts.
The entire venue has been designated as Green, meaning all construction and development are undertaken in accordance with environmental standards, while preserving a green environment and implementing elements of Green Construction.

Venue of Endless Opportunities

Expo Tel Aviv stands ready to provide the most suitable solution for any challenge of any magnitude, private or business, with flexibility, innovation, and unlimited service orientation.

Unique Experience

The size of the venue and the varied offerings of pavilions and spaces allow our customers to create a unique experience adapted to the customer’s requirements, while at the same time providing participants with a feeling of complete privacy.

Endless Opportunities

Operational flexibility and creative planning allow for extraordinary events and the planning of complex events which require special specifications. The variety of halls, the wide enclaves, the grassy green lawns and the option to combine interior and exterior are what make Expo Tel Aviv the Venue of Endless Opportunities.

Unparalleled Accessibility

Expo Tel Aviv provides optimal access for transportation thanks to its central location and proximity to train stations, the Ayalon Freeway and the adjacent public transportation.

Display for any Use within the Venue
Canopied exhibition spaces of approximately 25,000 Sq m, which are divided into 8 pavilions of various sizes. Adjacently, there are approximately 20,000 additional Sq m of open exhibition spaces available, right outside the pavilions, on well-kept lawns.

Plentiful Parking
Expo Tel Aviv is easy to access and provides around 2,200 parking spaces onsite, including the Heichal Ha’Sport parking lot and at the Ha’Rakevet lot.
Approximately 2,000 additional parking spaces are available to visitors at the Ganei Yehoshua parking lot located near the venue.

With a Back to the Ocean, and Face Forward

The vision for the Center for the second decade of the third millennia makes use of the City Plan, which allows for the construction of approximately 300,000 Sq m for the purposes of establishing a permanent exhibition center, new pavilions, an international convention and events center, a business hotel, a communications complex and an operational complex, and containing leisure and entertainment venues (restaurants and coffee shops), and more.
The project for the construction of Pavilion #2 commenced during the second half of 2010; a complex and expansive project at a cost of around 350 million NIS.
The opening of Pavilion #2 at the start of 2015 brought with it a new standard to the events sector with the introduction of a variety of options never before seen in Israel, both in terms of the operational functionality they provide as well as their versatility. The inspiration for the planning of the pavilion and the uncompromising standards it meets communicate with the most well-known and busy conference centers in the world, and positions the Expo Tel Aviv as the largest venue and the only one of its kind in the Middle East, offering the most advanced standards in the world.
Concurrently with the significant construction processes and the large investments in infrastructure, Expo Tel Aviv is completing its transformation into a leisure and entertainment center through the construction of a restaurant and coffee shop area at the front of the entrance plaza, on Rokach Blvd and additional future projects.

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