Business Events

Business Events at the Tel Aviv Convention Center

Expo Tel Aviv we are hosts to events held by public organizations and leading commercial corporations in the market, conventions and lectures, product launches, promotional events, company events and more.
Host your anticipated customer convention, the glittery product launch of the year, or that pampering event for your employees. The Convention Center contains 9 pavilions of varying sizes, surrounded by greenery and with a casual atmosphere suitable for any type of event.
Expo Tel Aviv will provide you with the space you require and will allow you to offer its comforts and mainly the necessary atmosphere for such events. At Expo Tel Aviv you will find exactly what you need for your next corporate event – accessibility, modularity as well as impressive décor and atmosphere that will transform your event into a most talked about affair.
Among past and current events hosted here: Bank Leumi’s annual financial reporting event, International Diabetes Day, Hogla’s 50th anniversary event, Ernst & Young employee event, International Aviation Industries Corporation’s employee event, Bank Leumi alumnus event, Google customer event, Super-Pharm’s Beauty City, Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch party, MAN Trucks’ product launch event, Motorola’s 50th anniversary event, the launch of a new Dapei Zahav logo, a James Richardson event, Bank Discount annual financial reporting event, the Israel Architecture and Design Conference, 30 years for Elad Systems,, 100 year anniversary event for Clalit Health Services, Samsung product launch, and more…

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