Compressed Air

Expo Tel Aviv provides access to compressed air in all pavilions and open spaces.
Access will be provided by the Convention Center’s professional maintenance team on one of the days during the exhibition/fair/event’s setup according to prior scheduling.

The air provided is external air with its humidity level the same as the humidity level of the air (the air flows through an air dryer), at pressures of 8 to 10 bars. The exhibitor must install a spring-type connector/quick connect connector to any equipment connecting to the compressed air system so as to allow access to the central compressed air system.

Reservations of the service should be made directly with the Convention Center’s Operations Department by filling in the Request for Service form.
Click here to download the form.

The payment obligation form is an integral part of the form, and your order will only be processed if this form has been properly filled in and received by the Operations Department.
Click here to download the form.

The completed form should be send to Please verify that it has been received.
Along with this form please send a diagram of the location required for the compressed air.
Should the location requested for the compressed air prove to be not technically feasible, notification will be sent to the contact person on the order form and the most suitable alternative solution will be found.
The full order should be sent to the Operations Department no less than 7 days prior to the event’s setup so that we can optimally fulfill your order.

For more information:
Operations Department
Office: +972-3-6404245

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