Conferences & Seminars

Looking for a conference hall? Expo Tel Aviv invites you to produce your next conference at the varied and versatile pavilions and halls available at the venue.
The conference venues at the Convention Center are situated in pavilions 1, 2 and 10, and can accommodate between 50-5,000 people, in a theatre seating arrangement/table seating/ standing room.
Expo Tel Aviv is the largest and most advanced venue in Israel for seminars, lectures and any type of conference.

A Strategic Location for Hosting Conferences

When planning the production of an important conference it is vital that you select a venue which is accessible to your visitors.
The central location of the Convention Center allows your audience to reach it with maximum comfort using public transportation, including trains, or private vehicles, and make use of the parking lots adjacent to the halls and pavilions, available for guests.
All of the conference halls are fully equipped with state-of-the-art A/V systems.

Our conference halls:

The New Pavilion 2
A hall built for conferences and seminars which contains a central space sprawled upon approximately 7,000 Sq m.
May be divided into four halls using acoustic partitions.
7 state-of-the-art and luxurious conference halls of varying sizes, in addition to the central space.

Pavilion 1
A conference hall sprawled on approximately 5,100 Sq m of land.
8 modular conference halls of varying sizes.
Large, decorated entrance lobby, approximately 400 Sq m in size.

Pavilion 10
A central space for conferences stretching on approximately 1,780 Sq m of land.
5 luxurious conference halls of varying sizes.
Spacious entrance lobby of approximately 500 Sq m.

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