Future Projects

Expo Tel Aviv property falls under a City Plan which allows for the construction of 150,000 Sq m for the construction of a permanent exhibition center, new pavilions, an international convention and events center, a business hotel, a communications complex and an operational complex, and containing leisure and entertainment venues (restaurants and coffee shops).
Concurrent with the significant construction processes that are a part of the Pavilion #2 project, which was completed in early 2015, the Convention Center is working towards the building of a leisure and entertainment complex at the Rokach Blvd. entrance (across Ganei Yehoshua), on a nearly 5,000 Sq m area and at an estimated cost of approximately 32 million NIS.
The venue will be located at the end of the new bicycle path on Rokach Blvd. and will be accessible both from the direction of the Convention Center as well as from the direction of Rokach Blvd. and Ganei Yehoshua. The venue will serve as an attractive leisure and entertainment complex for residents of Tel Aviv and for the many visitors to the Convention Center and to Ganei Yehoshua, and will be comprised of a quality mix of restaurants, coffee shops and shops.
Also, the Convention Center is working towards the establishment of a business hotel, which will be built, following a BOT bidding process, on an area of approximately 20,000 Sq m and will house about 400 rooms. A small retail center will be built adjacent to the hotel on an area of approximately 40,000 Sq m and will contain two floors for stores, restaurants and other businesses.
The hotel will stand out due to its proximity to the expansive activity taking place at the Convention Center, to Ha’Yarkon Park and the nearby beach and port, all in a manner that will transform the hotel into a most attractive destination for the millions of visitors to the Convention Center and the multitude of tourists from Israel and the world coming to visit and tour the city of Tel Aviv.
The realization of future projects will engender a fresh breeze of renewal throughout the entire region, and will fulfill the vision of the Convention Center in its progression to the first tier of conference centers in the world and its positioning at the forefront of the world of exhibitions, conventions and events.

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