General Information

The Released Soldiers Convention has been held for the past 18 years at the TLV Convention Center. The conventions are produced by the TLV Convention Center in partnership with IDF and the Ministry of Defense Released Soldiers Guidance Unit, and are held three times a year according to the March, July, October/ November the dates of release.

All the soldiers being released during that particular cycle are invited to the convention under IDF orders, organization and responsibility.

At the convention, the soldiers are exposed to information regarding their rights as released soldiers, the transition to civilian life, the benefits they are entitled to from the Ministry of Defense, income tax, National Insurance, HMO’s and so on.
There are two compulsory lectures at the convention, the first addressing the rights of released soldiers, given by a representative of the Ministry of Defense and the second on a changing subject given by various companies with the approval of IDF.
Parallel to the convention is an impressive exhibition, with exhibitors from about 100 companies and from the field of academic studies, psychometric courses, diploma courses, manpower and employment agencies, the recruitment divisions of commercial companies and a variety of other companies.

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