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The Plasto Ispack is underway! The exhibition will take place between the 7th and 9th of June, 2016, in the new Pavilion 2.

Plasto Ispack, the international exhibition for the plastics, rubber, packaging and recycling industries. The exhibition is held once every three years and is intended solely for a professional audience.

The largest and most comprehensive exhibition in Israel reveals all the latest innovations in the local and international plastics, rubber and packaging industries. People involved in the field from Israel and abroad attend the exhibition to view the achievements of the plastics, rubber and packaging industries in Israel.

This is the leading industry in the Middle East and the exhibition allows its visitors to stay current with the latest innovations in the field and forge local and international trade relations. The Israeli plastics and rubber industry is of one of the fastest growing industries in the Israeli economy with a high average annual growth rate.

This time, and for the first time in the forty years the exhibition has been held, TLV Convention Center has decided to position the recycling field in Israel at center stage in the exhibition, in light of the global trends in sustainability and environmental protection.

As we know, over recent years there has been a growing global trend of transitioning to environmentally friendly production, recycling and use of environmentally friendly materials.

Reducing the amount of waste in the industrial world is the central challenge facing the industry in Israel and the exhibition will act towards making the solutions for the correct usage of waste, separating waste and reducing waste burial and environmental harm more accessible to the business sector. This will (hopefully) result in both reduced environmental harm and in financial gain for the entire industry.

Professional conferences are to take place adjacent to the exhibition in collaboration with the Manufacturers Association of Israel, the Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers Association in Israel, the Israel Export Institute, and the Israeli Institute for Packaging and Design.

Who are the Plasto Ispack Visitors?

The exhibition’s target audience is a professional audience from all levels of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile industries, building and industry, automotive industries, and many more.

The Plastics Industry in Israel

The plastics industry in Israel is considered a knowledge intensive industry: the high-tech of the traditional industry in light of all the new developments and innovations in this field.

The exhibition enables visitors to become acquainted with the Israeli “Blue and White” industry and thus reduce import to a great extent.

In most areas of our lives we use products containing some form of plastic or rubber. During the exhibition, visitors learn how plastic products exist in all the branches of industry and in every area of life as simple products and as complex products. Sheeting, sheets, and piping used by the construction, infrastructure and agricultural industries and smart products which serve as parts of medical equipment, smart flexible packages and automotive and aviation parts. The exhibition shows the latest technological innovations in the plastics industry, raw materials adapted to the new global trends and new uses in the field of recycling.

Over the past few years there has been a growing global trend emphasizing the transition to environmentally friendly production, recycling and the use of raw materials which are not harmful to the environment, these too can be found at the exhibition.

Plastic as a raw material

Plastic, as a multifunctional raw material, has been replacing other materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, metal etc. all over the world. The infiltration of new products contributes to the high annual growth rate of the industry.


Plastic is usually manufactured from oil. The bio-polymer is a plastic raw material produced from plants such as corn or soybean and its advantage is in its ability to return as waste to its original organic form. Nowadays, it can be used to manufacture plastic bags and packaging for various food products and agricultural products such as plastic sheeting for green houses and more. At the end of their use, these products will disintegrate into ground and shall not cause any environmental damage.

Purchasing an Israeli product contributes to the Israeli economy and society

Research has shown that the preferential purchase of Israeli products, and the transition from imported to locally manufactured products, has an immediate and direct effect on the strength of the Israeli economy, creates jobs for thousands of households in Israel, fosters Israel’s position as a strong and independent country, reduces dependency on external entities and protects the environment. The rubber and plastics industry includes approximately 500 Israeli manufactures and provides employment for approximately 23,700 employees!

The Plasto Ispack exhibition is an excellent opportunity to reveal innovations in the field to buyers, exhibitors, manufacturers and visitors from Israel and abroad.

We will be thrilled to see you at the next Plasto Ispack!

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