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Venue of Endless Opportunities

Expo Tel Aviv stands ready to provide the most suitable solution for any challenge of any magnitude, private or business, with flexibility, innovation, and unlimited service orientation.

Unique Experience The size of the venue and the varied offerings of pavilions and spaces allow our customers to create a unique experience adapted to their requirements, while at the same time providing participants with complete privacy.

Endless Opportunities Operational flexibility and creative planning allow for extraordinary events and the planning of complex events which require special specifications. The variety of halls, the wide enclaves, the grassy green lawns and the option to combine interior and exterior are what make the Tel Aviv Convention Center the Venue of Endless Opportunities.

Unparalleled Accessibility Expo Tel Aviv provides optimal access by transportation thanks to its central location and proximity to train stations, the Ayalon Freeway and the adjacent public transportation.

Display for any Use within the Venue Canopied presentation spaces of approximately 20,000 Sq m, which are divided into 8 pavilions of various sizes. Adjacently, there are approximately an additional 20,000 Sq m of open presentations spaces available, right outside the pavilions, on well-kept lawns.

Plentiful Parking Expo Tel Aviv is easy to access and provides around 2,200 parking spaces onsite, including the Heichal Ha’Sport parking lot and at the Ha’Rakevet lot.
Approximately 2,000 additional parking spaces are available to visitors at the Ganei Yehoshua parking lot located near the venue.

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