Outdoor Areas


The Convention Center, located as it is in Tel Aviv, the commercial and cultural capital of Israel, contains wide stretches of grass which create a magical corner of nature at the heart of the etropolis. Details of the spaces:

Outer space A1: stretches across 398 Sq m.
Outer space A2: stretches across 3,698 Sq m.
Outer space B1: stretches across 3,178 Sq m.
Outer space B2: stretches across 3,860 Sq m.
Outer space B3: stretches across 1,377 Sq m.>

Outer space B4: stretches across 493 Sq m.
Outer space C1: stretches across 563 Sq m.
Outer space C2: stretches across 3,880 Sq m.
The Convention Center’s outer spaces can accommodate a variety of activities: from receptions and gatherings for business events and private events, fairs, exhibitions and stage performances.

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