Pavilion 1


Pavilion 1 stretches on approximately 5,100 Sq m and to a height of 10 meters, and uses no pillars.
The pavilion has a number of large entrances for trucks and there are Plug & Play service stands every four meters for communication, power, water and sewage, and compressed air.
The Pavilion contains a 400 Sq m registration lobby, including a glamorous round registration stand and 4 conference rooms on the gallery floor.
Simultaneous sessions can be held alongside exhibitions or professional conventions in each of the 8 conference halls available within the pavilion. The halls are modularly structured and may be set up according to the customer’s requirements – theatre seating arrangement or table seating.
Pavilion 1 showcases force and operational qualities and provides great versatility for the various activities taking place there.
Every year, dozens of exhibitions, business events, conventions, international performances and more are held at Pavilion 1.

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