The New Pavilion 2


The Convention Center is proud to present: The new Pavilion 2.
The ever-evolving world of events and exhibitions together with our desire to herald innovation and innovate ourselves have combined to form one of the most impressive and complex ventures today – Pavilion 2, which cost around 350 million NIS to build.
A smart, versatile space, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, which allows literally every dream to come true.
The pavilion stretches across 50,000 Sq m and rises to a height of 20 meters without the use of pillars. The central space can be divided using acoustic partitions that have been developed specifically for this project, which can accommodate a number of events simultaneously and in perfect harmony and with unparalleled sound quality.
The innovative and steadfast floor foundations allow trucks to reach all the way to the other side; its ceiling pillars can withstand extremely heavy loads which will allow exhibitions at a standard never before seen in Israel.
Pavilion 2 can host standing room-only events on an exceptionally large scale, grandstand performances which provide quality vantage points from any point in the pavilion, interactive exhibitions, exhibitions which require advanced logistics and technologies, large scale stage performances, circuses, mass examinations and extraordinary parties, alongside exclusive boutique events with uniquely complex technical specifications.
In addition to the one-of-a-kind central space, Pavilion 2 also offers 2 luxurious state-of-the-art convention halls, a magnificent roof overlooking Tel Aviv which can accommodate open air events, a splendid entrance lobby, conference rooms, underground parking and a cafeteria.

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